Air freight

is very fast and reliable way to transport cargo to remote destinations that can save you time and money. Transportation from airport to airport with intercontinental flights takes between 1-7 days. We will provide:

• transporting the shipment from the sender directly to your door and vice versa
• selecting the cheapest option
• express transport from Prague / Vienna
• custom clearance
• preparation of documentation

Sea freight

is the most significant type of transport for international trade. We will provide you with general cargo transportation using consolidating or full containers. Container cargo is in many ways very convenient and saves money. We can:

• import and export via all major ports in Europe, Asia and USA
• special commodities and oversized loads
• transport of machines
• custom clearance
• preparation of documentation

Road transport

is the fastest way to transport goods into the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. We will arrange for you any type of shipment and offer the best conditions. We offer:


• container transportation
• transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
• daily shuttle trucking
• experienced dispatchers